Music can turn an average town into a great city because of the huge number of audience it attracts. For a city to be confirmed as the number one destination it must fit some criteria that allows locals and visitors to enjoy their favorite music.

Here are top music cities on the planet that have been voted the best due to its assorted mix of venues and their dedication to modern and traditional sounds.


Considered as a birthplace to music, London has assorted mix of traditional pubs, expensive clubs and gigantic arenas that has hosted some celebrities in the world. London has risen to become the most favorite destination for any band wishing to venture into music business. It is undisputable that London is an epicentre for UK music.

Austin, Texas:

Austin, Texas is full of bars, clubs and arenas dedicated to giving out all sort of music ranging from blues to rock. Austin is popular for outdoor festivals, where shows happen all over the city to cater for all audience. Also, Austin has several venues which stage live acts every week.


Nashville is famous for hosting popular country music celebrities in the world. Nashville is well known for its exhibitions in country music hall of fame and museum.

New York:

New York City has blue bars, jazz cafes, new wave joints and underground clubs. It is considered a home of disco and hip hop. Also, New York offers salsa and Latin American music. Toward Washington you will find late night clubs and dance halls.


Seattle is a famous music city on the west coast. It has several arenas, rock cafes, metal bands and classical orchestras. It has venues like High Dive, show box and crocodile that provides you with the best experience for the night.


Memphis is regarded as a destination for soul and rock & roll music. Soul and blues can be heard at around every corner of the town. Live music is a common scenario in this place. There are also traditional music scenes in the city with bands like: three 6 Mafia, His Hero gone and Deep shag.


Ibiza is popular for open air clubs, beach bars and live music venues, hence becoming one of the best music cities in the world. This place is the best destination for holiday makers.


This is one the finest music capital in Europe with underground clubs, crazy party nights and jazz cafes. Live music is popular in this city.


Tokyo was once popular for operettas and puppet theaters, but nowadays it is the best music spot with the state-of-the-art arenas. In Tokyo you will never miss to hear jazz, rock, hip-hop and punk. There venues such as Budokan Hall that regularly host live music.


This is Cuba’s epicentre of culture, which has strong musical vibes. Havana is popular for rhumba rhythm. Also there are venues which offers salsa dance. El Gato Tuerto, La Casa de la Musica and Salon 1930 ‘Compay Segundo are venues which offers Latin American music.

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