Pre-Prep Art, Music & Drama

The Arts are an important cornerstone of the curriculum in the Pre-Prep at Chilton Cantelo School, as children explore these mediums and develop their understanding of them and begin to learn how to express themselves creatively.

Art and Design

Art and Design stimulates creativity and imagination. It provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences and a special way of understanding and responding to the world, which is accessible to all learners. At Chilton Cantelo School we believe that all children are highly creative, and have the ability to be artistic; it is just a case of finding the medium that suits them best.Art enables children to communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of colour, texture, form and pattern alongside different materials and processes. It encourages them to reflect upon and represent the world around them as they interpret it. It creates in the child a sense of enjoyment and relaxation which can enrich their lives, and positively influence work in other subjects.

Throughout the Pre-Prep, children are given the opportunity to explore a wide range of art and design forms in thematically linked art and design lessons and in the provision of a wide range of art and design activities in afternoon option sessions.  As the children develop, they are encouraged to develop greater skill with the tools and utensils in order to move from the stage of initial exploration to a point at which greater focus is placed on outcome, planning and design. During their time in the Pre-Prep children will explore the following art and design forms;

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Textiles
  • Printing
  • Collage and Mixed Media
  • 3D design, including woodwork


Music and song is used throughout the Pre-Prep curriculum, for enjoyment and in order to develop communication skills, confidence and memorise key facts, such as number bonds. In addition to this, all children participate in a music lesson on a weekly basis with a subject specialist. In this lesson the children are introduced to a wide range of musical styles, learn to use a selection of instruments and develop their understanding of rhythm, pitch and form.From Year One, children are able to sign up for additional music lessons if they wish to learn an instrument. We are able to offer guitar, piano, violin and drum lessons which are provided by external specialist teachers in association with the school music department.


Drama is also used throughout the Pre-Prep curriculum in order to bring learning to life and develop the children’s understanding of historical events, explore relationships and raise confidence levels.All children in the Pre-Prep also have access to a changing thematic provision for role-play in the classroom, in which they will be able to explore different aspects of life through play. Recent examples of role-play provision have included a circus big top, shops, a castle, a garden centre, the international space station and a beach. This meaningful provision for dramatic play has a profound impact upon the children’s levels of understanding and on developing communication skills and confidence.

Through their literacy lessons, children will have the opportunity to perform extracts from scripts and poetry to an audience. These performances often form part of our weekly ‘Celebration Assembly’, and children will also prepare performances for assemblies in the church, to which parents are invited.At Christmas, all children in the Pre-Prep are involved in our annual ‘Nativity Play’. These performances include song, dance and drama and are a wonderful chance for the children to dress-up and all participate in a wonderful community celebration of the time of year.

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