Wedding Dance Tips

Here is a list of tips for ensuring your wedding dance goes off without a hitch.

Planning – Planning can not be stressed enough when it comes to your wedding, can it?  Plan with us (or whichever DJ you chose) when you want to do things like garter auctions, dollar dances, boquet tosses, etc.  Then make sure that your bridal party knows which events they have to take part in so they know where they are have to be and when they’re supposed to be there.

Share Your Lives With Your Guests – Encourage your friends and family to share stories from the microphone. See if you have any friends who would like to do comedy skits regarding you and your mate. A maid of honor and a groomsmen surprised one couple with a hilarious skit about how they met and fell in love. And their guests loved it.

Let Your Guests Play – Your guests really want to have fun. Show them how. Instead of clanking their glasses to see you kiss, require each table to stand up and sing a song with the word “love” in it. If you have a big band at your reception, bring in someone to offer free (and brief) ballroom dancing lessons to your guests on the spot. We were able to find someone from our campus ballroom dancing club to offer lessons to our guests. It got a lot of them out on the dance floor and enjoying themselves in no time.

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